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MD5 recovery provide expert data recovery servicescomputer forensic services to customers of all sizes.  Our expertise lies in our ability to recovering data from a whole range of data storage devices. Our recovery services are split into two distinct service areas - data recovery for customers who have important data held on hardware that has become inaccessible; and data recovery for customers needing to identify or disclose evidence from their computer systems.    

Data Recovery Services

Lost important data from a data storage device?  You don't have a backup copy of this data? 

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MD5 recovery is able to recover data from primary data storage devices that have suffered corruption or physical failure.

MD5's data recovery service offers:

  • 90% recovery success rate
  • Successful recovery irrespective of the hardware damage
  • Able to recover data from all types of storage hardware
  • Qualified data recovery technicians with years of data recovery experience
  • 'No Data No Fee' philosophy

MD5 Recovery is able to perform data recovery work on all forms of primary storage media be that a RAID array, single hard drive, an external hard drive, an USB memory stick, a memory card or a single CD/DVD.

Computer Forensics & eDisclosure Services

MD5's computer forensic services help customers looking to obtain forensically sound electronic evidence from their computer sytems.  Our work falls into 2 areas:

Retrospective Computer Forensic Investigations

When there is suspicion that a computer system has been used in an improper or illegal manner, MD5 computer forensics can undertake a retrospective computer investigation to identify and collect any evidence of the misuse still present on the computer system.  In many cases MD5 computer forensics are able to recover evidence even when the perpetrator has deleted information to prevent information being found.  We are able to conduct onsite collections of your data from the suspect machines and perform detailed searches to find evidence relating to an incident using the latest computer forensic technologies.  Further information about this can be found on our computer forensic services pages.   

eDisclsoure Requests

MD5's eDisclosure services help organisations reduce the costs and risks involved in responding to e-Disclosure requests.  As a leading eDisclosure service provider, MD5 can help in identifying, collecting and processing the electronically stored information (ESI) relating to a legal case.

The key to effective eDisclosure is proper planning and knowing where and how to get hold of relevant ESI effectively and on a cost-efficient basis.  We regularly assist a range of organisations through our eDisclosure services including including law firms, companies and government agencies.  For further information please refer to our e-disclosure service page.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard drives are mechanical devices that have a finite lifespan and will ultimately fail.  It is not a case of whether a hard drive will fail just when it will fail. MD5’s hard drive data recovery services uk are able to recover data from all leading manufacturer's hard drives.  We are able to recover data from all models of hard drives made by the following manufacturers including Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor and Toshiba hard drives.  Our hard drive recovery service is able to recover data from both 2.5" laptop hard drives and 3.5" desktop hard drives.  For further information follow the link below:

With the proliferation of types of data storage devices and the amounts of data they can store. In addition to MD5's hard drive data recovery services we are also able to recover data from the following storage devices:

RAID Recovery Services

As part of MD5's hard drive data recovery services we are also able to undertake recovery work with multiple hard drives systems with our RAID data recovery services.  We are able to recover data from multiple hard drives that have been configured in RAID arrays, whether that be from a simple two drive RAID 1 solution up to complex SAN deployments with large numbers of RAID configured hard drives.  

Hard drives that are configured in a RAID arrays do provide users with a level of protection should one or multiple hard drives fail within the system.  It is important to note however that RAID arrays can still suffer data loss for a number of reasons.  Follow the link for further information about how RAID arrays can suffer from data loss.   Our RAID data recovery services cover all types of common raid array configurations including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5.  Follow the link for further information on our RAID data recovery services 

Emergency Data Recovery

If you have an IT system that runs a critical business application for your business and you require emergency data recovery MD5 is able to recover your data in under 48 hours, to ensure that downtime is minimised for your business.  MD5 also offers 24/7 rapid on-site recovery and support; our dedicated team will endeavour to you get your data back – and get it back fast.

In addition to our reactive data recovery services, we also provide preventative data backup services.  Our data recovery service is often the 'last resort' option for many customers who have failed to back up and require recovery on the primary device.  Whether the data is recoverable or not the data loss will inevitably cause hours or even days of downtime which can cause significant financial and productivity losses an organisation.  Our disaster recovery services are for customers who are aware of this fact and are looking to implement preventative measures to ensure they are not in this unfortunate position and can quickly recover from any future data loss incident.

Local Collection Service

Our data recovery laboratory is based in Yorkshire. For customers within a 60 mile radius we offer a collection service using our own vehicles and drivers who are all CRB checked.  If would prefer for us to collect your storage hardware rather than send it with a 3rd party logistics company we can arrange this. If you are based in the following areas then please call us on 01924 220999

Leeds, York, Castleford, Harrogate, Sheffield, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Pontefract, Ripon.
We also undertake data recovery in other regions of the UK and internationally - please refer to our regional pages for further information about our services in your local area:


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